Break out of a creative rut with a series of exercises to boost your creativity! Join Dave DeBaeremaeker as he shares, demonstrates, and illustrates 10 exercises that will help you master your gear, gather ideas, and learn the benefits of limiting your choices. By the end of the class you’ll be able to put these exercises into practice toward expanding your own creative efforts!

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Class Outline:

  1. What is Creativity?
  2. Camera Exercises
  3. Lighting Exercises
  4. Gathering Ideas
  5. Mind Mapping
  6. Limiting Choices
  7. What Should I Practice?
  8. Bonus Exercise

Dive into 10 Exercises to Spark Your Photographic Creativity with Dave DeBaeremaeker!

Dave DeBaeremaeker

Like the superheroes that inspire him, Dave lives two lives. By day he is a mild-mannered software engineer, but by night he is a conceptual artist that uses photography, action figures, and a healthy dose of Photoshop to explore the edges of his imagination and bring it to life. He has shot for LEGO, is a frequent contributor to, and a PhotoshopWorld Guru Award recipient.