Meet Gina Lamar—based out of Inverness, Florida—she loves photographing wildlife whether it’s animals or landscapes and has her work in shows all over Florida. Here’s the full version of her featured image.

What can you tell us about your “Ropes” image? 

Location: On the Schooner Jolly II Rover in Key West, Florida for a wonderful sunset cruise.

Why I took it: There is something fascinating about all of those ropes and with the contrast of the beautiful blue water in The Keys, I just loved the composition. My fiancé and I fell in love with the whole pirate theme while aboard this ship, so we got married on a pirate ship in John’s Pass on  May 6, 2017.

What gear or software did you use to create this image? 

I used a Canon 7D with a Canon 100-400 4.5-5.6 lens, AV, F4.5, ISO 125, 1/125

How long have you been a KelbyOne member and what made you decide to become a member?

I went to Photoshop World 2017, It was my first Photoshop World. I received an email with a discount to join, so I took advantage and joined on 4/27/17. I have used your learning tracks and have gained a lot of knowledge. I have never had a mentor or any formal training except what I could receive from the web or books. My Mother is an Acrylic artist, so I have always had an eye because of her.

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