We assigned you to capture what’s going on in your streets that is meaningful to you. Did you deliver or what?! Our submissions ranged from rural towns, big cities, socially distanced events, family photographs, street photography, buildings and architecture, and more.

We know you’re dying to find out who won this month’s Member Challenge! Now let’s get into our winners of ‘Scenes From Your Street’.

Member Challenge 38 Winner | Michael Dow

Wave hello to our winner, everybody! 👋 Michael Dow captured this sweet and wholesome moment from the streets of Leesburg, VA during a parade. We loved the story that this picture paints and the technical execution is on point!

Member Challenge 38 Runner-up | John Anderson

Reportage photography anyone? KelbyOne Member John Anderson secures the runner-up spot in our photo contest. Congrats, John!

Member Challenge 38 Honorable Mentions

Our honorable mentions put themselves out on the streets and delivered great results. Great job to Patrick Dooley, Rob Williamson, and John Strimaitis!

You all showed up for this challenge, 100%. Thank you to all of our members who took the time to photograph and put their skills to the test. We look forward to seeing even BETTER photos every time!

New Member Challenges

Our next challenge revolves around one subject…a certain firey ball up in the sky. You won’t want to miss this one!

View our past Member Challenges if you’d like an example of all the work our members put in.

We will announce the next Member Challenge tomorrow on the KelbyOne Community and on The Insider. That means your next photo assignment will be posted on July 31st, 2020.