Profoto, the light shaping company, is dedicated to making every image the best it can possibly be by helping the creator bring the very best quality of light to the image. Because they believe that light is the indispensable heart of all image creation, no matter what the camera, no matter what the situation, the ability to create amazing images is directly linked to the ability to master light shaping. They are committed to light shaping excellence.

Scott Kelby, and KelbyOne, agree with Profoto’s passion about light.  Last Friday, Scott Kelby headed out to the beautifully restored Rialto Theatre, just outside downtown Tampa for his first photo shoot using Profoto USA‘s B1X. He took so many behind the scenes shots to show you the magic behind the lighting and the shoot as a whole.

We don’t want to spoil anymore about this shoot but are super excited to be working with Profoto! Check out the behind-the-scenes video and the Adobe Spark page for the full story, more BTS shots, and the final images of this glamorous fashion shoot.