Well, you’re not shooting from your Apple Watch (after all, it doesn’t have a camera), but you can use it to shoot photos on your iPhone’s camera. This can be really helpful in a lot of situations, but here’s an example: Let’s say a hummingbird visits some flowers just outside your kitchen window each morning. Hummingbirds can be pretty camera shy, and if you walk outside with your iPhone to take a shot, by the time you frame up your shot, the hummingbird will be long gone. However, you could set up your iPhone on a small tripod nearby, and when you see the hummingbird appear to sample some nectar (I’m assuming that’s what they’re doing. I dunno, maybe they’re doing their taxes), you can use your Apple Watch to not only get a live preview of what your iPhone’s camera outside is seeing, but when the hummingbird is in just the right position, you can hit the shutter button on your watch and actually take the shot wirelessly.

Here’s how to set up this wonder of modern technology (I’m going to assume if you’re reading this, you already have an Apple Watch): On your Apple Watch, open the Camera app (it came pre-installed on your watch) and you’ll see a live preview of what your iPhone’s camera is currently pointed at. (Note: Opening your watch’s Camera app will automatically open your iPhone’s Camera app.) To take a shot, tap the shutter button with the 3s on it that you’ll see in your watch’s Camera app (it’s a self-timer button) and it will wait for 3 seconds before taking the shot (just long enough for you to race outside to pose alongside the hovering bird for your entry into the “Bird Photo of the Year” competition). By the way, not only do you get a preview in the watch’s Camera app, but you can tap to focus, and if you tap the three-dots button, even more features appear, including the ability to turn your iPhone’s flash on/off, choose the front or back camera, turn on/off the HDR option, turn off the 3-second delay, and more. Seriously, that’s pretty cool.

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This content was excerpted from The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby.