It can be scary—traveling across the country, meeting new people, sitting in hotel conference rooms with large crowds. If the thought of all that terrifies you, listen up! We’ve put together our top 4 tips to keep in your introvert tool pack.

1. Charge Up Beforehand.

If you know you’re going to be surrounded by people and extrovert energy for three days, why not schedule extra alone time a few days before! It’s important to make sure your batteries are charged up.

Being tired comes with attending any large event, so be prepared! As an introvert, being emotionally or mentally drained might take an extra toll, but you can do this!

2. Take Breaks.

While everyone is going to lunch together or getting social on their coffee breaks, you might want to take that time to retreat to your room. Take a quick nap, grab a snack, read a book, do whatever refuels YOU.

BONUS: If you’re staying at the Mirage (which we highly recommend), it’s super easy to pop in and out of the conference with no time wasted!

3. Map Out Your Game Plan.

If you’re worried about big crowds or talking to groups of people at once, come in with a plan! Make a list of your top 3 instructors and the questions you might have for them. You can also jot down some ice breakers and questions, to gain professional and personal insight about the people you meet!

Use the Photoshop World Facebook group and event page to make a friend and plan a meetup spot! Go ahead—make a post and introduce yourself!

4. Push Your Comfort Zone, and Let Go.

Finally, try to get out of your head! Attend a special event (if you’re feeling extra brave, we recommend Dinner with a Stranger) , and push yourself to interact with anyone you might form genuine connections with.

Make sure you don’t leave with any regrets on the table. Remind yourself why you chose to attend a big photography conference, was it to stay inside your own little bubble? We doubt it. It is Vegas, so big risks do pay off!

With these tips, you’ll be armed and ready to go for a painless conference experience! Now put these steps into action at Photoshop World West in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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