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Dynamic Range: Warm Summer Dreams
By Jaime Ibarra

This image was shot on an unusually bright day. The sun was directly behind the model’s head, and no fill flash or bounce card was available during this impromptu shoot. I should have exposed for the model, but I didn’t, so the exposure wasn’t optimal for her. However, I was able to satisfactorily salvage the image using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Let’s take a look at how.

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How to Create the Desaturated Urban Look
by Serge Ramelli

A lot of people like to create their own style, while some may be inspired by images on or Instagram looks. Here, we’re going to create the famous desaturated urban look. You’ve probably seen this style in photos all over social media, where there’s no detail in the sky, the blacks are really dark, and there’s not too much saturation—or sometimes there’s just undertones of reds or yellows.

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