We hope you loved Rick Sammon’s class on breathtaking bird photography and were inspired by his tips and the beautiful wildlife and scenery in the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge.

During his trip, Rick had the pleasure of meeting the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge Director, Michael Hanauer. In this special bonus footage, Michael and Rick discuss the history of the refuge and the importance of sharing the knowledge and educating others about this reserve. The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge is a sanctuary for many varieties of wildlife and it’s important to help conserve this home for them.

The refuge hosts over 150 events a year to share their love and passion for the reserve and the wildlife that live there. The Festival of Cranes in November is their largest event, where you can come watch the flock of sandhill cranes migrate back to the refuge. They also offer opportunities to join professional photographers out in the refuge to help identify the wildlife you’re seeing, how to handle your equipment, and tips to get the shots you want.

There is so much wonderment to take in and “wows” to capture out in the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge – you don’t want to miss exploring this beautiful location! Come be inspired by the bonus interview with Rick Sammon and Michael Hanauer!