If joining us in Vegas for Photoshop World West, you should know by now that you’ve signed up for an amazing opportunity.

So you’ve decided to invest your time, energy, and money into 3 days stuffed to the brim with learning! We talked to PSW attendees so you can learn from THEIR mistakes before you make them! Don’t make these 3 slip ups!

1. Winging It.

Although PSW is pretty intuitive for beginners, we highly recommend that you quickly brush up on the basics and do some research. For example, you might want to pack your camera—we do have live shoots!

What’s the dress code? What is the parking sitch? Where do I get my Midnight Madness ticket? Fear not, we have your answers.

You also might think—I’m not really a social media person, I’ll just meet everyone in person! Join our Facebook group to add another level to the experience. You can plan meetups, ask questions, and get notified of important announcements. Make sure you’re following us Photoshop World on Twitter and Instagram for giveaways and more!

2. Not Attending the Extra Events.

If you’re a first timer, attend Larry Becker’s intro session. We also have dinner with a stranger, portfolio reviews, guru awards, and an evening with THE Joe McNally. So go explore! Didn’t we warn you that we packed A LOT into 3 days?

The PSW After Party and Midnight Madness are events designed to help you unwind (with food, drinks, and donuts!) or make a new friend. And isn’t friendship the biggest JACKPOT you could ever hit in Vegas? Sorry, we’re getting sappy here.

Although you might be tired after a long day of learning, just remember: you can sleep when you get home!

3. Being Afraid to Talk to The Instructors.

Or even the other attendees! Ask that question, introduce your work, give a compliment on someone’s work. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t! Most people you’ll come into contact are more than willing to share their experience or discuss an element of their creative process.

Whether you sit next to Dave Clayton in a class or find yourself behind Kristina Sherk in line for a snack—if you have something to say, introduce yourself! If you see someone sitting alone at Keynote, join them. This isn’t high school—there are no cliques, we’re all at the cool table!

You never know what you could walk away from that conversation with advice, an opportunity, a new idea, or a friend!

Now if we see any of you making these mistakes at PSW, you were warned!!!

Learn photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop hands-on at Photoshop World: The KelbyOne Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.