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Lightroom Mobile Tricks That Will Change Your Life
by Serge Ramelli

Some of these tricks will only work if you’re a Creative Cloud member, which allows you access to some advanced features and the ability to sync collections from the Lightroom desktop to the Lightroom app on your mobile device or tablet. The app will help you to shoot, retouch, and post photos—all on your phone, which is pretty amazing! So here are my top five tips to help you use the Lightroom app to its full potential!

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Mid-Day Madness: Shooting in Less-Than-Ideal Light
By Ibarionex Perello

The golden hour is that time in the morning and late afternoon when the light is so beautiful that even the most mundane of subjects looks extraordinary. It’s the quality of light that makes it worth getting up extra early for because the resulting images can be so remarkable. But what about the rest of the day, which makes up most of your waking hours and shooting time?

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