For Member Challenge 18 we wanted to give you the ability to shoot indoors in the midst of cold and snowy conditions with still life photography. Your entries ran the gamut of themes and items shot – we were impressed by all of your creativity!

First place in our Still Life contest went to Jackie Gartner whose image of her great grandparent’s coffee maker (above) was dark, moody, and elegant. We all agreed this was something we’d hang in our homes! Congratulations!

Second place went to Lisa Jamison (image below) with this spring inspired photo. We loved the composition and pops of color.

And of course, our honorable mentions—as seen from left to right: John Corwin, Nancy Foley, and Holly Tarquinio.

Thanks to everybody who participated! Make sure to swing by the Insider or the Community tomorrow (February 23) as we introduce Member Challenge 19!