You’ve probably heard, but just in case you haven’t, the Winter Olympics are in full swing! KelbyOne instructor Dave Black has photographed the Olympics on several occasions and lately, he’s been sharing his photos. Here’s one he captured during the 1992 Winter Olympics:

Welcome to “Memoirs of an Olympic Photographer” … Today’s Olympic memoir is: Dan Jansen USA 1992 Winter Olympics Albertville France. Dan Jansen arrived at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville as the favorite for the 1,000m. He had also been the favorite at the 1988 Winter Olympics but after learning that his sister had died of Leukemia one hour before the race he fell during his bid for a GOLD medal. I arrived in Albertville working for Newsweek with something special, a NIKKOR 300mm f2.0 lens. The f2.0 aperture offered nearly zero depth of field which would soften the cluttered background but make Manual follow focus on Janson coming straight-on at 35mph risky. On the day of the 1000m the setting sunlight was gorgeous and I was nervous. I aligned myself through turn #1. Jansen would sprint by twice in the outside lane with sun on his face and the Olympic Rings behind him and once on the inside lane with no Olympic Rings. The gun sounded but I did not hear any cheering, I was concentrating. I noticed people standing by the Rings, too late, here comes Jansen, fire 8 frames while Manually pulling focus 1 inch. Felt good. Change film. The second lap inside lane, concentrate, wait, wait, fire 8 frames and Manually pull focus 1 inch. Felt good again. Change film. The final lap, last chance, the people have moved! … concentrate, wait, wait, wait, fire 8 frames and Manually pull focus a 1 inch. Felt GREAT. Jansen’s Time 1:17.34. The 3 rolls of film on the light table revealed 4-5 sharp frames per lap including this image on the final lap with sunshine, clean background and perfect form. Dan Jansen did not win any medals in in Albertville, but he was America’s most beloved Winter Olympian. He went on to the 1994 Olympics in Norway where he finally won his GOLD medal in the 1,000m. During his victory lap I remembered Calgary 1988, I remembered Albertville 1992 and now it was Lillehammer 1994. I cried. Join me tomorrow for another “Memoirs of an Olympic Photographer” @nikonusa #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #olympicgames #winterolympics #sportsphotography #speedskating #danjansen #filmphotography #manualfocus

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