Blind Photo Critiques on The Grid with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna

It’s Wednesday! Get ready for your weekly dose of photography talk on The Grid. This week, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna will blind critique photos submitted by our views—they could be your photos! There’s no theme to this week’s blind photo critique. So whether you’re a landscape, portrait, newborn, macro, or travel photographer, Scott and Erik can review your images.

They’ll take a look at all 3 images and provide hard-earned feedback so that you can create even better images next time around!

The best part about blind photo critiques on The Grid? Our hosts don’t troll! They provide honest reviews without hurling insults.

Get Your Photos Critiqued

Submit your photos now for a chance to have Scott and Erik review 3 of your images LIVE on The Grid at 4pm ET today!

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