How do you create a curvy portrait? There are a few tips and tricks you can use to take your photo from flat and boring to curvaceous and beautiful!

So whether you’re photographing someone who considers themselves to be plus-sized or someone who’s got a linear frame, you’ll want to use these 5 tips from Lindsay Adler to create a curvy portrait.

5 Tips for Creating Curvy Portraits

Tip 1: Ask the Subject to Stand With Their Weight on Their Back Foot

What this does is bring their face and chest closer to the camera. This technique reduces the appearance of their hip and waist.

Tip 2: Face Them at 3/4 View to the Camera

When someone stands straight on, they look at their widest. When you turn them at a slight angle to the camera, you can make them appear smaller than they actually are.

3 Examples of Curvy Portraits Capture by Lindsay Adler

Tip 3: Place Hands on Hips or Waist

By asking the person to stand with their hands on their hips or waist, you create a negative (or empty) space between their body and their arms. This space creates a well-defined curve.

Tip 4: Pop Hip out to the Side

This next tip is another way to exaggerate the curve of the hip. This trick works just as well for people who aren’t blessed with curves and with those who are.

Tip 5: Have Your Subject Lean Forward a Bit

Last but not least, have your subject lean their upper body towards the camera. This tip not only makes their waist look smaller but it also creates a bigger curve.

Try these portrait photography tips on your clients and create more dynamic photos for the people who aren’t afraid to embrace a curvaceous look!

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