Many of you saw Tim Wallace at Photoshop World Conference 2017 in Orlando, Florida, but for those of you that had to miss out, you’ve still got plenty of opportunities to learn from the pro.

For those of you who don’t know Tim, he’s been a KelbyOne instructor since 2012 and has produced many amazing classes. While he has several, below are just a couple of our favorites:

How to Photograph Car Interiors

Photographing the inside of a car is all about angles and lighting. Tim Wallace and Scott Kelby show you, step-by-step, what you need to do to get the shots you need to make every automobile you photograph look its best. Start watching!

Speed of Light Motorcycle Photography

Cars aren’t all Tim photographs—watch as he walks you through a studio shoot for a custom Harley Davidson V-Rod. (Oh, it’s a pretty bike!) You’ll see where he places the lights and even the decisions behind his final composite.

Automotive Photography and Lighting

Tim takes you on location to teach you how to photograph cars with minimal lighting and still nail those classic shots. Start learning Tim’s tricks!

Automotive enthusiasts will LOVE his already available classes—there’s 9 to choose from. Not an automotive fan? That’s okay, because he’s got new material coming your way this year!

Okay so those are great! But what about NEW classes?

After Tim’s super successful classes at Photoshop World, we just had to invite him back into the studio for some new material. You can expect 3 new classes from Tim. Yeah, that’s right, 3 new classes! Two of these classes are business oriented while the third involves a plane. Intrigued? Good! But we’re not giving anymore away! Keep an eye out every Thursday for new classes.

Other Learning Opportunities

As for our U.K. members, you’ll want to mark your calendars and save the dates for this workshop series Tim is working on this summer. Details below: