Take a step into the jungle that of KelbyOne, because today we’re showing you the top 5 wildlife classes! It looks like two of our expert instructors Moose Peterson and Rick Sammon have dominated this category, and there is so much to learn here!

So let the adventure begin!

1. Breathtaking Bird Photography: Pro Settings and Techniques

Rick Sammon’s visit to Bosque del Apache is our number one wildlife class! During this class, you’ll master the art and craft of bird photography. Rick shares plenty of tips on stopping action, capturing gesture, shooting at different times of day, composition techniques, the gear he uses, and so much more. From birds on the ground to birds in flight, Rick covers all the situations and scenarios you’re likely to encounter.

2. Capturing the Wild: Safari Photography

Again another class from the wildlife master Rick Sammon! His experiences leading photo safaris in Africa will help prepare you for your own safari. Rick shares what gear to bring, the importance of developing a daily routine, and how to get the best photographs of the people, wildlife, and places that you will encounter.

3. Moose Peterson’s Safari Adventure

Go with Moose on a safari! After a career studying and photographing wildlife for over three decades, Moose has his first African safari and you’ve got a front-row seat. Join Moose as he encounters the wide array of wildlife that calls the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa home.

4. Uncovering the Magic of the Rainforest: Costa Rica

Pack your virtual bags and join Rick Sammon in beautiful Costa Rica as he shares his tips, tricks, and techniques for getting the most out of a trip to the rainforest. In this class, you’ll learn what gear to bring and how to care for it, how to photograph everything from wildlife to seascapes, how to use accessories like polarizers, ring flash, and macro lenses, and more!

5. A Beginner’s Guide to Wildlife Photography

If you have zero experience capturing wildlife, start here! Join professional photographer Moose Peterson in this Beginner’s Guide to Wildlife Photography. Moose walks through the gear you’ll need and offers tips and techniques to put it all together to get the shots you want, right in your own backyard.

Now that you’ve seen all of Rick and Moose’s adventures it’s time to put all of this knowledge into practice! Happy travels, and make sure you tag any wildlife photos with #kelbyonepics for a chance to be featured!