If you’re like me and many other Photoshop users, you may get so involved in the creation stage that the Layers panel gets a little cluttered and disorganized. One organizational tip for designers is to place all your text layers at the top of the layer stack in the Layers panel, and maybe even inside their own layer group. This makes it easy to edit the text in one place. Also, you won’t have any blended layers above them, which might slightly obscure your type without your realizing it. 

To organize your type layers quickly, click on the T icon at the top of the Layers panel to Filter for Type Layers. Only the type layers will now be visible in the Layers panel. Shift-click all the type layers to select them. Click on the T icon again to turn off the filter and drag one of the type layers to the top of the layer stack in the Layers panel. All of the selected type layers will snap to the top of the layer stack with no other layers in between. If they don’t move, create a blank layer on top of the layer stack and then try again, hopscotching over that new blank layer.

This tip originally published in the Photoshop Tips column by Colin Smith, in the December, 2016 issue of Photoshop User magazine.