After you make a page for Instagram, now you need to make one for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Pinterest covers, Instagram stories, and now for Clubhouse (got you on that last one! Clubhouse is audio only). My point here is that people spend so much time looking up custom sizes and then entering those numbers into fields to make them. Why not make your own reusable document presets? 

Either click Create New if you’re in the Welcome screen, or choose File>New if you’re already in Photoshop. In the New Document dialog, enter all your settings as you usually would. Now, instead of clicking Create and going to work, click the icon to the right of Preset details, the one that looks like an arrow going into a rectangle. Give it a name and click Save Preset. Now these settings are saved. Click Create to carry on working as before, but now you have a saved preset for next time. You’ll find them all under the Saved tab in the New Document dialog. Now you’ll never have to look up and enter all those sizes again.

This tip previously published in the March, 2021 issue of Photoshop User magazine in Colin Smith’s “Photoshop Tips” column.

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