Vanishing Point (Filter>Vanishing Point) is a great way to clone and paint in perspective. Many people don’t realize that you can work on a blank layer in Vanishing Point. You can also copy things such as a logo and rasterized text on a layer and then paste it into Vanishing Point. On top of that, when you click OK to apply Vanishing Point and then go back into Vanishing Point, the grid isn’t lost; it’s saved. I know that was already three tips, but all of that was to lead up to the “real” tip: Don’t do all the vanishing-point work at one go. Work on a single layer at a time; this way you can use blending modes, adjust Opacity, and use masks on the different layers in Photoshop.

This tip previously published in Colin Smith’s Photoshop Tips column, in the January, 2020 issue of Photoshop User magazine.