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One Light 101
by Michael Corsentino

Knowing where to start when you’re interested in incorporating off-camera flash to your photography can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. There are so many brands, so many modifiers, and so many techniques that it can seem downright dizzying. My advice is always to start with just one light. Even seasoned multi-strobe owners are consistently surprised at how much can be accomplished using just one light.

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Ten (Really 13) Things Every Photographer Should Know About Lighting
By Michael Corsentino

You may find the whole lighting subject a bit confusing or even intimidating. No worries; that’s what we’re here for. The first topic on the list below is Michael Corsetino’s “Four Principles of Strobe Light” that are guaranteed to strip away the mystery, and help simplify the way you think about artificial light.

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