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Review: Aputure LS 600c Pro

If the Aputure LS 600c Pro description doesn’t already wow you, it will if you lay your hands on it. It connects flawlessly with the Aputure Sidus link app, and the color-matching capabilities within the app are beyond impressive.

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Attract Attention by Manipulating the Light 
by Dave Williams

Composition is a huge consideration when we shoot, and once we get an image out of the camera and into our digital darkroom, we’re often limited in what we can do to edit its composition and control the path our viewer’s eye takes across the photograph. There are other things, however, that we can do in post to grab the attention of the viewer but with a bit more control and flexibility. One such thing that takes an equally high standing to composition is light. 

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One Light 101
by Michael Corsentino

Knowing where to start when you’re interested in incorporating off-camera flash to your photography can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. There are so many brands, so many modifiers, and so many techniques that it can seem downright dizzying. My advice is always to start with just one light. Even seasoned multi-strobe owners are consistently surprised at how much can be accomplished using just one light.

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Finding Inspiration & Creating Stories In Your Photography
by Iden Ford

Back at the beginning of February this year, I had just returned from a month in Shropshire, U.K., where I was on holiday after the busiest three months I’d ever had shooting three different TV series. Much to my delight, I had a call from Sarah Murphy-Dyson, a dancer I’d never met, who said she liked my work and wanted to get together to do a photo session and was open to ideas. I new little of her past experience until I read her CV.

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