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Layer Styles to the Rescue When Changing Background Colors
by Kristina Sherk

It used to be almost impossible to cleanly cut out hair and edges around your subject without having that muddy white lens flare glaring back at you from your image. It’s okay, you can step back from that ledge, my friend, I’m here today to share an amazing little trick I learned from Photoshop guru and KelbyOne educator Glyn Dewis that will help you tremendously with this type of task.

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Layer Styles: A Tiny Universe of Endless Possibilities
by Corey Barker

In the 20 plus years I’ve been using Photoshop, I’ve seen many features come and go, but few have had the staying power of layer styles. Their popularity stems from their versatility and the wide range of design and photographic effects that they offer. I remember life before layer styles, and if you know what went into just getting a simple bevel effect back then, you definitely appreciate the power and convenience of them. In fact, my top three favorite features in Photoshop are brushes, 3D, and layer styles.

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