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How To Retouch a Boring Golden-Hour Photo in Lightroom
by Serge Ramelli

As you probably already know, shooting at the correct time of day is key in photography. But what if you were there at the perfect time, but you still couldn’t get the shot you wanted? What now? Well, let me show you a few steps to take your photo from boring to amazing. This is a formula you can use for any time of day, but it’s specially dedicated to the golden-hour mood.

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Creating a Golden Hour Look in Adobe Camera Raw
by Dave Williams

In this project, we’ll overcome an obstacle that photographers face all too often. In landscape photography, we’re told time and time again that there are only two times each day when we can successfully shoot a landscape: the golden hour (often referred to as the “magic” hour), which is early in the morning and again late in the evening. But when we’re out on the road desperately trying to cram so many awesome locations into our tight schedules, it’s not always practical, and we have to carefully choose where we are for sunrise and sunset.

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