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The Challenge of WYSIWYG Printing
By Lesa Snider

WYSIWYG (pronounced “wiz-e-wig”) is an acronym for “What you see is what you get.” For image-editing buffs, it describes the elusive goal of getting prints to match what’s onscreen. When you think about the different ways that monitors and printers produce colors, the problem starts to make sense.

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Smart Object Color Change
By Kevin Ames

The most accurate method for changing the color of an object has been around since Photoshop 6 or so. It works great but is really slow when you have to make several different color versions of the same thing. Smart object color change is the fast and easy answer.

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Processing Realistic Starscapes
By Sean Arbabi

Creating stunning nightscapes with the goal of realism for the final image file not only comes from your experience of how these scenes appear through a pair of human eyes, but also how contrast, exposure, light, and detail manifest during these hours of darkness. Learn some of the challenges you may face documenting a extremely low-lit scene, and how to process your image file to maximize the detail and tones captured.

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