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Searching for the Aurora in Frosty Alaska
by Tom Bol

“Wait a second—I think I see it!” I mumble to my wife, Cree, as our midnight Delta flight approaches Fairbanks. “Are you sure? The KP index is only .6 tonight,” Cree responds. “Oh wow, look at that curtain. Aurora for sure,” I proclaim loud enough for the entire front of the plane to hear. Now everyone’s looking out the window.

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HDR for Environmental People Pictures? Give It a Try!
by Rick Sammon

“I hate HDR.” Do a Google search on that topic and you’ll find tons of examples of poorly processed HDR (high-dynamic range) images—images with haloes, images that look oversaturated with exaggerated details, and images that look grotesquely grungy. Do a Google search on “I love HDR,” and you’ll find images that don’t look like HDR images—images with a natural look.

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