Durable & Versatile 18L Camera Backpack

Review by Dave Williams 

WANDRD was born by and for travelers and photographers, and their range of luggage is specifically made with their needs in mind. Since 2015, with the launch of the PRVKE, they’ve grown to where they stand today. Finding a gap in the market, WANDRD has created the VEER, an 18L packable bag

The VEER folds into itself to take up minimal space when packed into other luggage, but when it’s unfolded, it performs just like any other rucksack. One of the reasons that the bag can collapse into such a small space is also one of its best features, and that’s the inflatable back panel. Once inflated, it inserts into a thin section of the bag, providing the rigidity and comfort we expect from a rucksack. You can also purchase the optional Inflatable Camera Cube, which gives even more protection to your gear, while still being easily packable when not in use. As with other WANDRD products, the VEER features all manner of access points that make getting to your gear a simple task. 

The WANDRD VEER balances protection with accessibility, offering a great design that takes into account all the things we do as photographers. The material is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear. It also uses “cool honeycomb air mesh” in places so it’s breathable and comfortable, retaining integrity from the honeycomb structure. The zippers are weather-resistant, with a strong paracord and an ergonomic grip. The designers at WANDRD really do take every detail into consideration. 

Fully compressed, the VEER is about the size of a tissue box. When expanded, it’s a little larger than your average packable daypack, but its durability, style, ergonomics, and functionality do more than make up for that. ■