Winter Gloves Designed for Easily Operating Cameras and Touchscreens

Review by Dave Williams

Marketed as the “take everywhere” glove, the Markhof Pro V3 is the next generation glove from Vallerret, a Norwegian company. In Norway, they say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. This glove is testament to that saying and keeps hands warm and dry on your average winter’s day. I’ve used the original Markhof in the past, and this upgraded version is packed with some extra punch to make it a great glove for photographers and explorers alike. 

Vallerret has designed a FlipTech feature for its gloves that’s ideal for photographers. The thumb and forefinger on each glove folds back and locks in place with magnets, revealing bare thumbs and fingertips, so you can use them for touchscreens and other tactile operations. Now, you can easily and comfortably operate the controls on cameras and phones without having to remove the glove, keeping your hands warm, and then replacing the tips when you’re done. These gloves are extremely comfortable, featuring a pre-curved design that allows your hands to take a natural shape and not have to struggle against a flat glove. The Vallerret Gloves are lined with 100% Merino Wool along with Thinsulate insulation. 

On the outside, these dark gloves are very stylish, as well as functional. The back of the thumb is suede and doubles as a lens wipe. The palm features a non-slip grip pattern that I’ve found to work even on the walls of ice caves. On the top side of the glove there’s a pocket that the company calls a “memory-card pocket” that’s just the right size for a hand warmer to add a little extra warmth, and inside this pocket you’ll also find a tripod key! 

The Vallerret Markhof Pro V3 makes for exceptional mid-winter, all-around gloves designed specifically for photographers. They’re great in adverse weather and negative temperatures, and the gaps left behind by the FlipTech finger caps don’t let anything in. These are definitely five-star gloves!