Compact, Lightweight, Cordless Off-Camera Flash

Review by Michael Corsentino

Profoto has once again raised the bar for lightweight compact mono block strobes with their recently introduced B10 Wireless Flash. When Profoto set out to design this new 250 W/sec strobe, their guiding principle was size. We all know how important the size and weight of our gear is when we’re working quickly (often in tight spaces or locations where larger equipment won’t work), when we need to move fast from location to location, or when we’re relying on assistants to hold lights overhead. Heavy lights make for unhappy assistants very quickly.

At 250 W/sec, the Profoto B10 packs five times the light found in a common handheld, shoe-mounted flash into a body not much larger than a can of beans. Now that’s impressive! Add to that a lightweight, lithium-ion battery that delivers 400 full-power flashes; a strobe that can be used while it’s plugged in and charging; and a fully adjustable continuous modeling light with a 2500 lumen max and variable color temperature from 3000–6500 Kelvin. This continuous light is perfect for illuminating video capture, and it has Profoto’s always-rock-solid color accuracy across its power range with a CRI of 90–96. In fact, with a fully charged battery, you have 75 minutes of continuous light at your disposal. 

Let’s look at the numbers. The B10 (including the battery and a removable stand adapter) weighs in at just 3.3 lbs. and measures 6.9×5.9×4.3″ with the stand adapter. A 10 f-stop power range, adjustable in 1/10 stop or full-stop increments, provides no shortage of flexibility. Profoto has also taken great pains in creating a new-and-improved interface for the B10. Two knobs on the back control all flash functions, and it now has a simplified menu system with a bright, easy-to-read display. 

Naturally, the B10 is packed with all the must-have features such as manual, TTL, and High-Speed Sync. Despite its modest form factor, the B10 is compatible with more than 120 Profoto light-shaping tools, all Profoto AirTTL Remotes, and a new Profoto app that allows full flash control right from your smartphone! The B10 can also be wirelessly controlled via Profoto’s A1 flash. 

The B10 is available in a single or double strobe kit that includes a stand adapter, Li-ion battery, battery charger, and a carrying case. The Duo Kit comes with a handy backpack that has side pockets designed to accommodate a small light stand and tripod. Home run Profoto! ■