Now Available for Pentax Shooters

Review by Michael Corsentino

Pentax users rejoice! After two years in development, Phottix announced that the Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter, previously available exclusively for Nikon, Canon, and Sony, is now also available for Pentax camera users. The Odin II transmitter and controller allow Pentax users to harness the power, creativity, and flexibility that are possible with Phottix’s award-winning Odin and Indra strobe systems, all right from their camera position.

Much like their previous flash triggers, the Odin II for Pentax brings with it a slew of must-have features and improvements that Pentax users are sure to love. With control of up to five groups of off-camera strobes, creativity is your only limitation. The Odin II sports a new user interface based on user feedback. Individual buttons have been added for groups A, B, C, D, and E to enable quick access and streamlined operation.

The Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger also puts high-speed sync up to 1/8000s for DSLR and Pentax medium-format cameras into the palm of your hand. Pop it into your camera’s hotshot adapter and easily tame harsh midday sun and ambient light using shutter speeds beyond your camera’s x-sync speed.

Additional amenities include a Second Curtain Sync mode for creative strobe effects, a 2.4-Ghz operating frequency with a 100-m range (328′), 32 radio channels to choose from, and 9,999 possible digital ID codes, ensuring that your Odin II will never be unintentionally triggered by someone else’s nearby Odin II! Also included with the Phottix Odin II for Pentax is an always-welcome AF Assist Light (on compatible cameras), perfect for those dimly lit shots when focusing can be a challenge. ■