Faster Cloning and Even Better Protection Against Bit Rot

Review by Erik Vlietinck

Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) has been upgraded and it’s worth every cent of the upgrade price. Version 6 turns CCC into a basic offloading application, and it all starts with a next-generation file copier that ensures faster backups because the app now leverages the macOS FSEvents. 

The speed increase of the new file-copying system is quite dramatic and version 6 comes with a task preview that allows you to speed up the process even more by removing files you don’t need to preserve. A new scheduling option allows you to run a backup task when files are modified on the source. Other improvements revolve around data security and ensuring your backup is identical to the source. The first of this category of features is the visual comparison of source and destination, while a more deep-level new feature is the backup audit in the Task History. 

Advanced file verification at the end of a backup task lets you verify files on the source and destination independently, against a hash that was recorded when the file was last copied. 

It’s this set of integrity checks and verifications that allow you to use CCC 6 as a basic image or video footage offloader as well. 

But we’re not done yet. A Snapshot Navigator offers an easy way to explore older versions of files, while you can now also temporarily pause a backup task. CCC 6 also gives you a lot more information about your source and destination volumes, such as extensive information about the selected volume. The interface itself is more streamlined, as well, and restoring from a CCC 6 backup is more powerful than it was with earlier versions. ■