Portable Light Shaper for broncolor Strobes

Review by Michael Corsentino

Due to its similar shape and the lack of scale revealed in its online product shots, comparisons between the Westcott ICE LIGHT and the broncolor Litepipe P are inevitable, but its shape is where the similarities end. Unlike the ICE LIGHT, the Litepipe P isn’t actually a light source in and of itself, but rather a multipurpose light modifier with considerable muscle. Currently, it’s compatible with broncolor’s Pulso G, Unilite, Litos, and MobiLED lamps, and the Siros Moonlights. I’d love to see adapters for other brands of lights.

Around 49″ long and 7″ in circumference, the Litepipe P is also considerably larger than the ICE LIGHT. Despite its length, it is perfectly suited for one-light architectural, portrait, and fashion photography applications where space is at a premium. This is because of its compact shape and the variety of ways in which it can be configured to produce different results.

The Litepipe P gives broncolor users an easy-to-transport tool that can either deliver a 360º degree spread of light or be customized to produce a much narrower beam using one of the two included 10.6×7.5″ counter-reflectors. These can be attached to block sections of the Litepipe P, narrowing its beam of light to varying degrees. This cleverly designed flexibility and its variety of configurations make the Litepipe P a very versatile tool indeed. Quick and easy to assemble in the studio or on location, the Litepipe P comes in its own compact carrying case. All in all, I call that a win! ■