Constant Bicolor LED Lamp Shapes Light Precisely

Review by Michael Corsentino

The LED world is no longer flat! LED lights have historically been flat, square panels, lacking compatibility with the lighting modifiers photographers rely on to shape and control light; modifiers such as softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, and reflectors. Broncolor has changed all that with their new LED F160 constant light. Shaped just like their Siros line of mono-block strobes and equally as lightweight and compact, the LED F160 is unique in several important respects; but first and foremost, the LED F160’s domed-shape lamp and form factor make it compatible with broncolor’s full range of lighting modifiers. In the world of LED lighting, that’s a game-changer.

The light from the LED F160 can also be focused to suit different reflectors by sliding its lamp head back and forth, changing its position. No slouch in the power department, the F160 packs a punch with output comparable to 650 W of tungsten light, making it ideal for both stills—product, beauty, portraits, and still life—and video applications. Power output can be controlled in 1/10th and full-stop increments via the control knob on the back panel. 

Consistent accurate color across the power- and color-temperature range is the hallmark of any quality lighting instrument, and broncolor’s LED F160 knocks it out of the park with a CRI rating of 97–99. That means it’s really accurate! Add two color temperature presets, one for Daylight and another for Tungsten, or manual Kelvin adjustments from 2800–6800K, and precise color-temperature control is easily accomplished. 

Broncolor LED F160 heads can be controlled via the units themselves, via the Broncontrol app, or by using a DMX controller to daisy-chain multiple heads for even more creative lighting options. ■