Camera Hand Strap with Wrist Support

Review by Gilmar Smith

Neck and shoulder straps are sometimes a little uncomfortable when carrying a backpack, and I’ve been curious about hand straps for a while, so I decided to give the BlackRapid’s Hand Strap Breathe, Lightweight Series, a go. I’ve been a fan of BlackRapid products for years. In fact, my go-to strap was a BlackRapid that I bought in 2011 when I got my first camera; however, it went missing after my last move. (I still hope it will eventually show up in a packing box.)

All BlackRapid products come with great presentation, and this Hand Strap Breathe is no different. It comes in a cute, small, polyester dust bag. Inside the bag, you’ll find the hand strap, a wrist support strap, a triangle key ring, and one fastener. When you first open the little bag and see all these pieces, you’ll probably scratch your head as I did. Now, I’m the kind of person that rarely reads a manual, but this time I felt the need to find answers somewhere. The strap does come with instructions, but I recommend that you head over to the Hand Strap Breathe product page on, scroll down the page, and look for the “How to Set-Up BlackRapid’s Hand Strap” video.

Setting up the hand strap will take a few minutes. You can stop there, as you can use the hand strap without the wrist strap; however, the wrist strap helps to distribute the weight of your camera, and the camera will be secure even when you have no grip around it. Both straps feature breathable padding and are adjustable.

I love how I can let go of my camera to give my hand a rest, and the camera is still there firmly supported by the hand and wrist straps. The BlackRapid Hand Strap Breathe does a great job and it’s very comfortable to wear. ■