Video/Photo COB LED Lamp with Bowens Mount

Review by Erik Vlietinck

The Amaran 100d is a 100w Daylight Balanced, point-source COB LED fixture with Bowens mount and Bluetooth. At full power, the light outputs an equivalent of a 750w tungsten light. It features 0–100% dimming control and scores a
95+ TLCI. 

Made of industrial-grade plastic, the Amaron 100d has a handle on the back to carry it around and a very quiet built-in fan to ensure the LED remains cool. The 3m cable has a 3-pin XLR power plug, and the 1.5m power cable at the other end has a very secure IEC Lock connector. The 100d can also be used with 48V battery packs; however, these are pricey. The Hyper Reflector with a beam angle of 55° completes the delivery. 

The back of the fixture has a small monochrome LCD screen that shows a Bluetooth connection icon and output percentage. There’s a dial that you click to change the output in fixed increments, a small button for engaging Bluetooth, and the On/Off switch. 

You can operate one or more Amaran 100ds remotely using the mobile Sidus Link app. The app supports output in 1% increments and is a must-have, certainly when you’re operating the lamp on a high light stand. If you want a diffuser, a cheap photographic umbrella can be mounted in the incorporated umbrella holder. 

At a quarter output, my test unit without the reflector output approximately 1,371 lux at a color temperature of 5300K + ⅛ Green. At half output, the output increased to 2,240 lux at 5340K + ⅛ Green, and at full output, the lamp shone bright at 4,120 lux and 5400K + ⅛ Green. ■