DSLR-Inspired Mobile Battery Grip for Smartphones

Review by Dave Williams

This KickStarter sensation has realized that mobile photography is the future and has filled the gaps of ergonomics and functionality with the ShiftCam ProGrip, making our lives easier and giving us one less worry when we’re shooting with
our smartphones. 

A camera shutter is the first step in putting the pieces together and the ShiftCam ProGrip has achieved this perfectly. The Bluetooth connection replicates what happens when you hit your camera shutter button, and this connection is locked into the phone so that each time you turn it on, you’re ready to go. Rather than having a wired connection, this Bluetooth connection makes things simpler for photographers because all you need to do is lock the phone into the retractable clamp and press one button to turn on everything for a setup that requires minimal effort. 

The shutter button is right where you’d expect it to be: ready for the right forefinger. It’s housed in a grip that’s ergonomically designed for comfort and control. It’s easy to say something is “ergonomic,” without quantifying the term, so here’s what I like about it: There’s a distinct notch under the shutter button to separate it from the other fingers, which is curved to account for the shape of the hand. On the rear of the grip, there’s a groove for the thumb. The thickness, texture, softness, and shape of the whole hand grip gives you a secure and comfortable hold on your phone. 

The ProGrip phone clamp uses a very strong spring mechanism to hold the phone in place, and this part of the unit spins 90° with predetermined positions to lock into along the way. This means that you can easily be in landscape or portrait orientation. Behind this clamp is a Qi wireless charger, taking its power from the 6400mAh battery, which is housed within the grip handle. This is charged by USB-C and turned on with one of two buttons; the other one is the Bluetooth button. 

Considerations you may have for mobile photography include the ability to use other accessories or a tripod. This is covered with the 1/4″ tripod thread on the bottom of the grip handle, and the cold shoe mount on top. The cold shoe is a separate piece supplied with the ProGrip Starter Kit, which also includes a USB-C cable, hand strap, and pouch. 

The ProGrip is functional as a standalone piece, but it’s part of the ShiftCam ecosystem of phone cases and lenses. I can’t find fault with the ShiftCam ProGrip and therefore give it a 5-star review.