Transform Your Portraits Using Creative Lighting with Mary Bel

Use color to evoke emotion in your portraits with creative lighting techniques! Join Mary Bel as she demonstrates a variety of budget friendly ways to introduce color into your portrait lighting. Starting with gels, Mary walks through several live shoots to demonstrate how you can use color to tell a story. From there, Mary shows how she carves light using tools like flashlights, plastic rulers, and other dollar store finds. Mary wraps up the class with a demonstration of how to incorporate several of these techniques into a single shoot for truly dynamic results.

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Class Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Let’s Talk About Gels
  3. Shooting with Gels: Hot in the City
  4. Shooting with Gels: Kiss of Teal
  5. Shooting with Gels: Silhouette
  6. What Makes Light Interesting?
  7. Carving Light
  8. Blocking Light
  9. Letting Light Through: Part 1
  10. Letting Light Through: Part 2
  11. Putting These Techniques Together
  12. Conclusion

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Mary Bel

Mary Bel

Mary Bel is a Guru award-winning artist and KelbyOne student. She is a fine art photographer based in Orlando, Fl. Mary Bel specializes in self-portraiture and styled artistic portraits. She creates images of what she wishes to see happening and manipulates them into her own world through her work as a photographer and storyteller. She was recently awarded the Sony Alpha Female+ grant and holds a Bachelors and Masters in Arts from Fordham University.