Make your everyday clients look their best—in this new class from Viktor Fejes, you’ll discover the 15-minute retouch session Viktor uses. It begins with a Photoshop action you can download and install. From there, Viktor shows you how to remove blemishes, border distractions, whiten teeth, and more! Start retouching everyday people now.

Here’s a breakdown of the course lessons in Retouching Everyday People:
1. Intro
2. The Setup Action
3. Destructive Adjustments
4. Blemishes Layer
5. Border Patrol
6. Fix Highlights
7. Whiten Teeth
8. Digital Foundation Makeup
9. Broader Adjustments
10. Giving the Image a Look
11. Color LUTs
12. Extra Filters
13. Closing Advice

Watch “Retouching Everyday People” and make your clients look their best!

Viktor Fejes

Viktor Fejes is a top, high-end photo retoucher with an international clientele, including major magazines and celebrities. He has been using Photoshop since he was eight years old. He is the Head Retoucher and Founder at GILD Studios, a renowned boutique retouching studio known for going the extra mile.