Portrait Photography: Mastering Hard Light with Frank Doorhof

Master hard light in the studio! Join Frank Doorhof in his studio to learn what you can do with smaller light sources to create dynamic photographs with stunning shadows that are the hallmark of hard light. In this class you’ll learn how to use reflectors, grids, flags, projectors, gobos, and more to light your subjects as creatively as your imagination allows. Frank wraps up the class with some retouching examples to demonstrate his approach to enhancing his photos to finalize his original vision.

Get ready for this class!

Class Outline

  • The Light Meter
  • Introduction
  • What is a Reflector?
  • Reflector in Studio
  • Reflector with Grid
  • What are Flags?
  • Flags in Studio
  • What is a Gobo Projector?
  • Gobo Projector in Studio
  • Everyday Materials for a Gobo
  • Everyday Gobo Studio
  • Rembrandt and Butterfly Lighting Patterns
  • Rembrandt and Butterfly Setups
  • Soft Light via Feathering
  • Soft Light via Feathering Studio
  • What is Lens Flare?
  • Lens Flare Studio
  • Challenges of Retouching Hard Light
  • Retouching Hard Light Examples

Follow along with Frank Doorhof in his brand new class—right here!

Frank Doorhof

Born in Amsterdam, Frank Doorhof has a passion for photography and teaching it. He has released numerous books, like Mastering the Model Shoot, and is a sought-out speaker for seminars and events. He strongly believes and teaches that the language of photography is light and that photographers should be able to “speak the language” instead of always having to fake it in Photoshop.