Member Monday Featuring Robert Taylor

This image is so simple, but that’s why it’s one of our favorites this week!

We have so many questions—Where is this fisherman headed? What’s his story? Luckily, Robert Taylor was there to provide a bit of background.

Take a look at the photo below, and see what you think!

About the Photo

Fisherman of Little Venice. The photo was taken at sunset in the picturesque resort and fishing port of Puerto de Mogan, known as Gran Canaria’s “Little Venice.” At the time, the port was buzzing with activity where the patios were packed with people having dinner. The harbor, by contrast, was quiet with most boaters already to shore for the evening. I was lucky to have turned around at just the right moment to catch this lone fisherman’s silhouette at just the right moment. These happenstance occasions are rare and one of my favorite aspects of photography.

Gear and Software

Canon Rebel T4i with Canon 24-105LF4, before I upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark 4!

Photography Preferences

My photographic leaning is predominantly drawn towards landscape, especially in the beautiful province of Ontario where I live.

I like being able to create the mood of a fleeting moment, where the photo can be processed to illustrate your memory of the subject or place, rather than how it actually may have appeared in situ. By the time we download our photos and begin the editing process in PhotoShop, our minds are already recreating and altering the scene and I like playing with that tension between the creative impulse towards nostalgia and wanting to stay true to the reality.

Photography Inspiration

This particular photo happened by luck where I was in the right place at the right time.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

There are so many KelbyOne classes I love that it’s hard to choose. If I have to choose just one, I would say my favorite class is A Day with Jay Maisel, because I’m captivated by his approach to street photography. Not only is Jay Maisel a charismatic character, but I love his organic approach to photography and his informal teaching style.

Connect with Robert

If you want to see more from Robert, be sure to check out his website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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