Member Monday Featuring Janina Cleven

Welcome back to another beautiful Member Monday with the KelbyOne crew!

Our favorite part of this photo is the contrast between the yellow flower and the bright and cloudless blue sky—excellent work! Continue reading as Janina Cleven tells the story behind this shot.

About the Photo

This photo was taken at a very large field of sunflowers near Chambersburg, PA. I was trying to find one flower that stood above the rest but still had enough flowers around it that I could shoot it at a wide aperture (f4.8 at 200mm) to isolate it from the others in the frame. The bee just added another element to the photo that I liked. The yellow flower again a clear blue sky also made for some nice contrast.

Gear and Software

I shot this with a Fuji XT-2 with a 55-200mm lens and processed it in Lightroom.

Photography Preferences

Most of the time I like to shoot landscape images but I’m always on the lookout for interesting small subjects to photograph along with the bigger picture.

Favorite KelbyOne Classes

One of my favorite KelbyOne classes has been Eric’s PhotoPills class. I enjoy night photography when the opportunity arises, and improving my knowledge of how PhotoPills works has been a big help. All the KelbyOne classes that I’ve watched have been excellent, so choosing only one is not an easy task.

We hope everyone’s week is now off to a great start—thanks to Janina! Be sure to send us your best work for a chance to receive a Member Monday feature of your own!