Time to meet another KelbyOne Member. Let’s give a warm welcome to Gary Jones! Gary is based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma and loves that photography encourages people to get out and experience new people and places.

Can you tell us a little bit about this photograph?

I shot this image in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during the peak of the Fall color season and it is is entitled Rainy Day River.  The image was captured along the Roaring Fork River during a light rainstorm where the rain washed the haze from the air and brought additional depth to the color of the surrounding foliage and trees.  As I stood there in the rain, I added a polarizer to my lens to knock the sky reflections off of the water and added a neutral density filter on top of that to create the long exposure.  As photographers, I believe it’s important to remember that some of the best images come from getting out in all types of weather.

What gear or software did you use to create this image? 

A Nikon D800E combined with the Nikon 18-35mm lens, polarizer and 12-stop neutral density filter to allow for creating the long exposure.  Manfrotto carbon-fiber tripod with Really Right Stuff ballhead and L-bracket.  Lightroom to Photoshop then printed!

How long have you been a KelbyOne member and what made you decide to become a member?

I became a KelbyOne member almost 8 years ago and discovered how valuable the lessons were in improving my photographic skills and because of the insight I received from the variety of guests on The Grid.


Gary’s got some more great images on his website, take a look for yourself! Also, he’s got a blog and is on Google+ as well as Facebook.