Chris Lord is a New York based photographer and in this week’s Member Monday, he shows you his perspective of the Big Apple. Keep reading to find out how he created the image, what he likes to photograph, and what some of his favorite photography related classes are!

1.) Can you tell us a little bit about your photo?

This image was captured through a hole in the fence up on the Manhattan Bridge during a photo-walk in January 2017 with a group of friends that I had put together. I called this image “Wet Day In Chinatown” although it actually had just started to snow. We crossed the bridge as planned anyway and although my original plan of shooting a rising full moon and the sunset obviously was no longer viable, we had great fun shooting in the snow storm.

2.) What gear/software did you use to create this image?

I took this shot with a Sony A7r MK II fitted with the Zeiss Sony 24-70mm lens. I upped the ISO to 500 and shot at f14 in order to get the fence and the background in focus. I edited the image in Lightroom and Photoshop later.

3.) What do you like to photograph?

As I live in New York City it has obviously become my most frequent subject and it’s a subject I certainly love. However, I’m rather an eclectic photographer and will point my cameras at any interesting subject matter that the universe puts in front of me. I love to travel and have spent a couple of months in England visiting family each summer for the last few years so my original hometown Brighton and the surrounding coast and countryside has also been a favorite subject. I also love to shoot nature subjects, landscapes, cityscapes and almost anything except people.

4.)  Were you inspired by a KelbyOne class or instructor to create this image? If so, which class or instructor inspired you?

I wasn’t inspired by a KelbyOne class to make this particular image but not very long ago I watched a class by Scott Kelby in which he extolled on the virtues of the Platypod while traveling, especially in places where tripods would be frowned upon. Right after watching that, I took my cameras and Platypod uptown to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine where I captured a series of images using Scott’s technique. It worked very well, no one bothered me about using the Platypod, and I was truly happy with the great results.

5.) What’s your favorite class on KelbyOne and why?

It was a Scott Kelby class on why photographers should use Instagram that inspired me to join that service some time ago. I’m pretty happy on there with a slowly growing following that has reached 1350 people (as of this morning! – it goes up and down a lot, it was over 1365 last week)

I think my all time favorite class, though, was by Karen Hutton on “Finding Your Artistic Voice.” I loved that one.

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