Take a moment to meet Carla Farris. She’s a landscape and wildlife photographer who’s seen some incredible sights! The reason we chose to feature Carla this week is because Carla knows how to explore her angles—here’s the full version of her featured photo. Rock Solid Love.

What can you tell us about Rock Solid Love? 

Taken: Valley of Fire State Park just outside Las Vegas, NV

On the way back to the airport, we stopped for the evening near Valley of Fire State Park and headed out to the park to see what we could find to photograph.  As we were driving around the loop road, we came up to this arch.  While waiting for the sunset, I figured out I wanted to include the pattern of rock in the foreground.  Valley of Fire has a lot of unique and beautiful landscape opportunities, like nothing else on the planet.  In fact, many sci-fi movies have been made at the park due to its unique landscapes.  The park is ideally located about an hour outside of Las Vegas, NV.   It’s a perfect way to end a trip, spend a couple of days before heading back to the airport (about an hour away).

What gear or software did you use to create this image? 

Nikon D300 and 18-135mm lens
Tripod – as low to the ground as possible
Manual Exposure, 0.7 sec; f/22; ISO 200
Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop used to do basic edits

What do you like to photograph?

I enjoy photographing anything outside in nature.   I love being out in our National Parks and/or State Parks finding beautiful landscapes to photograph.  While some people like the classic shots, I always try to find a unique perspective.  Many times I get laughed at by those around me as I photograph from the middle of a running stream/river, sitting on a rock too close to the crashing waves, lie in the surf of the Oregon Coast-to get the wonderful sand ripples,  or position my tripod with one or two legs completely horizontal against a wall while the other is on the ground.

I also enjoy photographing wildlife of all kinds.  Each season brings in a variety.  I love spending the winter photographing the bald eagles that migrate along the Mississippi River every year.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to make a couple trips to Katmai National Park to photograph the brown bears fishing for salmon in July.  The remainder of the summer, I photograph everything from songbirds to dragonflies.  I spend the fall photographing migrating waterfowl.  All things nature!

How long have you been a KelbyOne member and what made you decide to become a member?

3-4 years or more, I think.

To see more great images by Carla, take a look at her website or follow her on Instagram. She’s also got another website where she shares lots more of her photos—not just her favorites which you can see here.