We’ve been following KelbyOne member Brigitte Gathercole-Day’s progress and growth for some time. That’s why we’re so delighted to have her as this week’s Member Monday. This photo is giving us all of the vintage aesthetics, and we love the use of upcycled and family objects with meaning.

About the Photo

I took this image in my home in Nottingham, UK. This is where I photograph all my work. I set up a little space in my lounge next to the french doors which allows me to make use of the natural light streaming through. I don’t have a particular title for this image, unfortunately. However, I do love to incorporate old, pre-loved items into my work. They are either handed down by past family members or they are bought from a vintage shop in Nottingham that we like to go to. 

Member Monday Image

Gear and Software

The equipment that I use is:

  • Canon 750D 
  • Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro Lens
  • Tripod
  • Canon Shutter Release Cable 
  • Diffuser -Round 

I take the image into Photoshop Camera Raw and will tweak the shadows, exposure, highlights, and contrast. I then take the image into Exposure X3 and finish off in Photoshop to sharpen my image with the unsharp mask tool.

Photography Preferences

I absolutely love photographing Still Life and Floral photography. 

Photography Inspiration

There was no particular instructor or class that inspired me to take this image. However, I am always watching classes on KelbyOne because it does not matter what class it is, you are bound to take away some sort of knowledge that you didn’t know before. It happens to me all the time!

It doesn’t even matter what the class is based on, I always learn something new which allows me to put it into practice with my still life photography.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

Hands down favourite is Melanie Kern-Favilla’s course on her Floral images. I also take photographs of the flowers on the black background, but she is beyond talented! She and Scott critiqued my work on The Grid and Melanie gave the feedback on my images. Melanie inspires me so much and I’m forever grateful to her as her course really helped me improve with my floral photography. 

If you’re interested in viewing more of Brigitte’s work, give her social media accounts a look and congratulate her on being featured!

Instagram: @wishingwell_photography 

Facebook: @wishingwellphoto

Twitter: @Wshing_Well 

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