There’s a million different ways that you can Photoshop an image, and that’s what made this photography challenge so incredible! Our members did everything from minor color adjustments and intricate collages to big time composite work.

Before you take a look at our winners, here’s a reminder that we will be announcing our next photo contest theme tomorrow. Become a KelbyOne Pro and enter your work!

Now, let’s dive right into our favorite shots and see if you can guess how they were altered in Photoshop.

Member Challenge 47 Winner | Gary Hunter

Gary Hunter

Member Challenge 47 Runner-up | Georgios Stergiou

This next photo tells a story and kept us wondering where this character was headed. Our runner-up shot from member Georgios Stergiou captures a ship’s captain at sea. We absolutely love it!

Member Challenge 47 Honorable Mentions

It’s honorable mention time—here are the other images we couldn’t stop looking at. Great job Heath Jeppson, Wayne Gillespie, and Jessica Lerche. Each of these showcases a unique way to use Photoshop to enhance you image!

Heath Jeppson
Wayne Gillespie
Jessica Lerche

How creative and awesome are our members?! We love seeing the way our KelbyOne Community stretches and expands their skills to rise to the challenge. Go see all of our past Member Challenges for more examples of their awesomeness!

New Member Challenges

We just know you’re going to love our next challenge. What theme will end out our year? Come back onDecember 10th, 2021 to find out!

We will announce the next Member Challenge tomorrow on the KelbyOne Community and on The Insider. That means your next photo assignment will be posted on December 10th, 2021.