The kitchen—you know, that room in your house where you make food? We challenged you to go in there and make something delicious, or at least something that looks delicious!

Here are the winners of our ‘From My Kitchen’ member challenge!

Member Challenge 37 Winner | Robin Iovinelli

Sweet berries never looked so yummy! We wish we had a huge plate of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries to dig into. Congratulations to Robin Iovinelli for stepping up to the actual PLATE! Give it up for this delicious photograph.

Member Challenge 38 Runner-up | Jonathan Marsh

Our runner up photo offers a sleek-looking take on some pretty commonplace utensils. Congratulations to Johnathan Marsh! đź‘Ź

Member Challenge 38 Honorable Mentions

Our honorable mentions put some great ingredients and dinnerware on display. Great job to Brigitte, Dandan, and Eileen, each of these offers such a cool perspective on the kitchen theme!

Brigitte Koernchen
Dandan Liu
Eileen Kotak

These photos make us want to get us in our kitchens and start cooking! We love seeing the way our KelbyOne Community kills every challenge we throw at them. Head to check out our past Member Challenges for more examples of incredible photos!

New Member Challenges

What’s our next theme? Are you itching to dive into photography and take on a real challenge? Come back on June 12th, 2020 to find out!

We will announce the next Member Challenge tomorrow on the KelbyOne Community and on The Insider. That means your next photo assignment will be posted on June 12th, 2020.