Member Challenge 35 | From Below

Look up! What do you see? Hopefully something worthy of a great photo, but if you’re just staring at a ceiling, it might be time for a change of scenery.

‘From Below’ is a challenge that is exactly what it sounds like. Find an interesting and creative way to tell the story of your subject from below!

Member Challenge Theme: Your Best Shot

What kinds of subjects are easily shot at a lower vantage point? Think trees, flowers, buildings, animals, sports action shots. Or maybe—you want to shoot a subject that’s rarely shot at a low angle!

Need more inspiration? See these wow-worthy shots below:

Read the rules and jump right into the ‘From Below’ Member Challenge!

How the Member Challenge Works

  • Entrant must be a KelbyOne Pro member to submit their work into the contest
  • Work must be original to the entrant
  • Only one image can be submitted per entrant
  • Work must be created within the challenge dates (January 17th, 2020-February 23rd, 2020).
  • Images must be submitted by February 23, 2020, at 11:59 PM ET
  • Entry must be submitted in the Community Member Challenge thread as a comment with the image attached
  • The winner of this Member Challenge will be announced by March 5th, 2020, on the Insider—the winner will receive a Member Challenge Winner t-shirt and bragging rights!
  • After you’ve created your image, head on over to the Member Challenge 35 | From Below thread on the Community and submit your work in a comment. Details, rules and prize information can be found there as well.

Create and submit an amazing image for your chance to win a Member Challenge Winner t-shirt and exposure on our social channels!