Issue 45 of Lightroom Magazine is now available for KelbyOne Pro members on the KelbyOne site and on the KelbyOne Mags app for iOS and Android. In this issue, learn how the latest version of Lightroom has streamlined the process of merging your bracketed shots into an HDR panorama, plus capturing and editing nighttime images, sharing image galleries via Lightroom CC for web, and so much more!

By the way, we recently launched a new feature on the KelbyOne site where you can now search for and filter magazine articles going back to January 2016. Check out the “Benefit Spotlight” on page 8 of this issue to learn more. We think you’re going to love it!

Don’t forget that we have “Discuss this Issue” buttons throughout the magazine, so if you’re reading an article or tutorial and you have a question or comment, just click one of those buttons, and it will take you to the topic that’s already been created for this issue on the KelbyOne Community. Enjoy!