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How to Create Shadows in a Composed Scene
By Uli Staiger

Did you ever compose an image and ask yourself why the composed objects look sort of fake? Well, maybe it was because they don’t have the right shadows. It’s not complicated to create a physically correct shadow, but there are a few things that you should consider. There are three types of shadows, and the good news is all three of them can be created in Photoshop.

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How to Add Motion to Skies in Photoshop
By Lesa Snider

A great way to add the illusion of motion to skies is to photograph them using a slow shutter speed. If the clouds are moving, they appear beautifully blurred. That can be a time-consuming and challenging project, however. Happily, you can easily simulate the effect using the Radial Blur filter in Photoshop, which is available in any version.

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Keeping Lightroom Files in Check
By Rob Sylvan

As Lightroom users, we focus on the job Lightroom does with our photos, both in terms of managing and processing them, but it’s worth taking a moment to think about the footprint that the Lightroom-related files leaves on our computers, which when left unchecked, only continues to grow over time.

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