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Ten Secrets for Architectural Photography
by Randy Van Duinen

Back in high school I thought I’d become an architect until I picked up my first camera and started photo­graphing. It seemed that all I photographed was architecture. I’ve been fortunate to merge my love of both architecture and photography into a profession and, after 30 years, I still look forward to my next assignment. One of the most important aspects of architectural photography, whether shooting for an architect, interior designer, builder, or a magazine, is to create dramatic images. Here are ten tips that will help you come away with great architectural photographs.

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Painting Your House with Photoshop
By Scott Onstott

Ever wonder what your house might look like if you painted it or otherwise changed its color? Photoshop is great for performing what-if scenarios to simulate how objects in the real world might look if they were colored or textured differently. We’ll paint my house virtually in this tutorial.

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